Dear Friends and Neighbors: 

We’ve never asked for help from you directly before, but we are today. Because Salem should always have a bookstore.

It’s the motivation we had in 2014 – six years ago - when the space at 215 Essex Street on the Pedestrian Mall in downtown Salem became available. In the beginning we used the most traditional methods to start up: Personal savings and a loan from our great local bank. Now, we want to stay and hope you will help.

This year, we had the usual quiet January and February. When we had to close in March, we were able to maintain for a while. Online sales and gift cards help, but aren’t enough.

This means by the time we hopefully re-open sometime in June, six months with low or no income while still keeping up with monthly expenses will have come and gone.

Further, the funding we are seeking is to help provide a safety net we project will be needed well into 2021.

So, in this year we find ourselves in, we have to come to you, our friends and customers, to keep this little 900 square foot ship afloat. We’ve been paying the rent, taxes, utilities, and maintaining 2 employees on payroll (with help from a small PPP loan) and other monthly expenses such as software and professional services. 

But the key expense, the art and science of any bookstore is what you see when you come in. Stocking the shelves and tables with the books, puzzles, toys, games and other delights you want. The book you’ve been looking forward to, the birthday gift, the special memory of your trip to Salem.

The success we’ve had is because of you. We want to keep what we’ve all built together going. We are passionate in the belief Wicked Good Books adds to the vibrancy, culture, and overall appeal of our Witch City of Salem. 

That’s why we opened six years ago and want to continue to be a part of the downtown for years to come. This is really a long term need as we see recovery continuing to be an ongoing concern well into next year.

Please join us today to help keep Wicked Good Books alive. Because Salem should always have a bookstore.


PS We miss you and want to see you again soon. Thank you.