Echoes of Darkness (Rob Smales Consignment)

Echoes of Darkness (Rob Smales Consignment)

by Wicked Good Books $ 11.99

From the dark corners of award-winning horror writer Rob Smales's twisted mind come thirteen tales of murder, terror, ghosts, and ghouls.

A boy learns how to be a man in a post-apocalyptic world . . .An old man teaches his grandson to do the right thing, with terrifying results . . .A plane crash leaves a damaged man doing whatever he must to survive . . .This collection of the scary and sublime will burrow into the most disturbed part of your soul, leaving you wondering: what was that noise in the other room? Perhaps it was nothing. Or perhaps it was an echo of darkness

.". . . compelling, entertaining and, on occasion, horrific." ~ Frank Errington, CEMETERY DANCE ONLINE

"The writing of Rob Smales hits you like a whip cracking against a spine. Your flesh tears with each whack, yet you keep asking for more, and no matter how bloody and painful the night becomes, you pray it never ends." ~ Max Booth III, author of HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY KIDNAP STRANGERS

"Reading Rob Smales' collection ECHOES OF DARKNESS is a lot like munching on barbeque potato chips—once you've dived into the first story, it's almost impossible not to keep reading until the end. Smales has a refreshing, clean prose style that is accessible and engaging. In particular, I recommend this book to readers who are new to the genre as Smales comes up with some nifty and clever riffs on some traditional horror tropes." ~ Bram Stoker Award nominee Hal Bodner, author of THE TROUBLE WITH HAIRY and BITE CLUB


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