Wicked Good Books Consignment Program

Wicked Good Books is proud to support local authors through our consignment program, now in its second year. Local authors are residents of Essex County. Consignment allows us to carry and feature a wider variety of self-published and print-on-demand titles than we could through traditional purchasing.

We highly recommend you read the great advice offered by the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance, How to Market Your Book to Indie Bookstores.

Before completing the attached Consignment Request Form, please review the following:

If an established publisher has published your book(s), please send us notification of your book’s publication to the address or email address above. If we decide to carry it, we will purchase it directly from that publisher. You do not need to complete the rest of this form.

If your book(s) are published but not readily available through our normal wholesalers, we may choose to sell them in our store on a consignment basis. When your book(s) are on consignment, they remain your property until sold. Wicked Good Books cannot be responsible for lost or stolen merchandise. If you would like your book(s) to be considered for our consignment program, please follow these guidelines:

  • Please make all consignment requests in writing or email via this form. We are not able to accommodate walk-ins or telephone inquiries.
  • To be considered for our program, your book(s) must have the following:            
  •  Paperback, hardback, board, or equivalent cover displaying the title and author name
  •  A 13-digit International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  •  A printed and bound spine displaying the title and author name (no spiral binding, please)
  • Our consignment review process usually takes about a week – we will notify you via email of our decision as soon as possible. Materials submitted cannot be returned via mail. We will hold all materials for 30 days for in-store pickup at your earliest convenience. Review decisions made by our buyers are final.
  • When we carry your book(s) on consignment, you will initially provide us with 4 copies. We will display your book(s) on our shelves for a period of three (3) months (the consignment period) — ($25 administration fee required per title). Your book will be displayed in the store and will be available for purchase through our website.
  • At the end of the consignment period (90 days), if books have sold, you will receive 60% of the retail value of the book per copy sold. If we sell three copies, we will contact you for additional copies. Please do not call the store to check on your books, we will contact you when we need additional copies. You will receive payment when books are requested or returned.
  • At the end of the consignment period, we will evaluate the success of your book(s). If no books were sold, you must pick them up within 30 days or they become property of Wicked Good Books. If we decide to continue to carry your book, we will extend the consignment period for an additional 90 days, and then evaluate the book(s) again when the additional period has expired. If we decide not to extend the consignment period, you must pick them up within 30 days or they become property of Wicked Good Books.

New to consignment? Here are some tips:

  • Encourage everyone you know – your family, friends, and other contacts – to purchase your book(s) at Wicked Good Books during your consignment period.
  • Contact local media and other outreach channels to announce that your book(s) are available for purchase at Wicked Good Books.
  • Send out press releases, review copies, and other promotional materials to generate interest.
  • Get involved with book clubs, libraries, and other organizations relevant to your book(s) subject matter. The greatest success comes from a wide array of author-coordinated outreach programs.
  • Add our information to your website, social media accounts, and any promotional materials.

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