Fisherdawg (Lisa Phillips Consignment)

Fisherdawg (Lisa Phillips Consignment)

by Wicked Good Books $ 12.99

Well Woofo there!  Sorry, my mouth’s a bit full here.  I’m the one and only FisherDawg.  Kind of like Superman!  Dawg – I meant to say SuperDawg!

In this book, I’ll tell you about my hero, the Phil-man and why I was nicknamed the FisherDawg.  And let me tell you, it only gets crazier from here!  Hold onto your seat – or in this instance – your fish

This is a children’s series that you and your child will both love!  None of those illustrations though!  You get the real me on every page.  Really!  Look inside!  Uh-oh, my ego is showing!  Woof!

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