Into the Darkness: A Legendary Sword and a Secret Never Meant to be Fo

Into the Darkness: A Legendary Sword and a Secret Never Meant to be Found (A.M. Rycroft Consignment)

by Wicked Good Books $ 16.99
They seek a legendary sword, but the secret it guards was never meant to be found. Sell-sword Aeryn Ravane seeks the sword as a means to forge a new life's path. The young thief Theo also seeks it, as a desperate attempt to buy her brother's life. Their quests lead them into a darkness they never could have imagined when they unwittingly break an ancient seal, releasing a fallen god from his prison.

Reborn in a time that has long forgotten the dark grip he once had on Cathell, The Harbinger wastes no time in again making his mark and leaving death in his wake. A former hero offers his help to the sell-sword and the thief, but his selfish motives threaten the success of their mission to stop The Harbinger.

A whirlwind of evil and lies surrounds Aeryn and Theo, testing them at every turn. It becomes hard to know what--and whom--to trust. Can they make it out alive, or will The Harbinger's darkness swallow one of them forever?

BookLife Prize in Fiction: "[...] The book's characters are well developed with nuanced personalities and motives, and Aeryn and Theo are a well-matched pair of stalwart women who can hold their own with the stereotypical male heroes who tend to dominate this type of fiction."

This is the reissue of book 1 of this thrilling dark fantasy series.

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