Poseidon's Scar AUTOGRAPHED

Poseidon's Scar AUTOGRAPHED

by Wicked Good Books $ 14.95

Matthew Phillion was featured at the 2019 Salem Literary Festival! 


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 Echo, the unwilling heir to Atlantis, never intended to be a hero. After she and her friends—the magician Barnabas Coy, Artem, son of the Amazons, and the unwitting were-shark, Yuri—were forced to stop a war between Atlantis and the surface world not long ago, Echo thought her adventuring days were over. She headed out with her companions on the ghost ship the Endless, unsure where the sea would take them. But the war they stopped had consequences. The explosive final battle woke something dark and sinister buried for centuries in Poseidon’s Scar, a near-bottomless trench near the borders of Atlantis. That evil force has begun to make its way across the ocean floor, headed toward the coast and leaving a trail of carnage in its wake. To stop this ancient evil, Echo and her crew will have to race across the seven seas, teaming up with Amazons and Atlanteans, sea spirits and river gods, to retrieve the mystic artifacts they need to send this monstrous force back to its watery resting place. Along the way, they’ll reunite with missing friends, discover new allies, and face challenges they’ve never seen before, from mysterious necromancers to Lovecraftian cults. Will this ragtag bunch of warriors, magicians, smugglers, and were-sharks be enough to save the world again? Or will the darkness rising from Poseidon’s Scar being a new age of terror?


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