Proof Through the Night (Lt. Colonel Toby Quirk Consignment)

Proof Through the Night (Lt. Colonel Toby Quirk Consignment)

by Wicked Good Books $ 16.99

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A board of depraved billionaires, called the Directorate, has masterminded all the mass shootings in America and brainwashed thousands of doctors, professors, and politicians. Driven by a perverted patriotic zeal, they now control all the nation’s most influential institutions.

Their deranged strategies have exploded into a violent battle where demons and thugs clash in deadly combat against angels and heroes for the soul of America.

If Sandy Baker's band of commandos loses the battle, the nation will never again enjoy its lost moral dignity. If she wins, truth will prevail over the hidden source of chaos that enrages all true patriots.

Proof Through the Night offers hope to an outraged generation by revealing the unseen powers bent on destroying this sweet land of liberty.

Lt. Colonel Toby Quirk has drawn his inspiration from a deep well of two powerful motivations: his love of America and his devotion to God. 

Four years at West Point, over twenty years in the Infantry, and over twenty years of Christian ministry, form the foundation of Toby’s inspiration to write. In 1966 he took an oath to defend his country against all enemies foreign and domestic, but now he has come to realize that America’s most powerful enemies are the spiritual forces of evil described in the Bible. 

Toby Quirk is an ordained minister, chaplain, author and speaker. He lives north of Boston with his his wife, Linda.

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