Roughly a Cup (Mischelle Messenger Consignment)

Roughly a Cup (Mischelle Messenger Consignment)

by Wicked Good Books $ 30.00

Home cooking with six generations of a West Virginia family, by Aunt Chelle.

Roughly a Cup is a type of non-fiction/fiction family cookbook. Recipes, stories, and photos of different family lines intertwine so that you're left with images of a family's character and culinary history. So, the storytelling of a 1st generation granddaughter, the photograph of a 6th generation aunt, and recipes from the 2nd and 5th generations give fresh life to the story about our 9th generation grandfather's trek in 1883. A few outside sources have been cited to add an historical feel and provide a bit of family culture-- and the necessary FDA warnings, as times definitely change.


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