The Traveler (Stephen Wilk consignment)

The Traveler (Stephen Wilk consignment)

by Wicked Good Books $ 12.00

Tenobius' time machine has crashed in Imperial Rome, and he can only return to the present if he can fix it himself, with help from Argus the street kid.

Argus survived on the streets of Rome using his skill and his wits, but he had never seen anything like the Crazy Man, Tenobius. Tenobius looked odd, and couldn’t speak Latin properly, but he had magical things and metal teeth.

All Tenobius wanted to do was to repair his Dreamship (with Argus’ help) and go home. What Argus could not know was that Tenobius was a Time Traveler, and his Dreamship was his crashed Time Machine. To get home, he had to rebuild it using only what he could find and make in ancient Rome.

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